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Every year, College Park Main Street presents three popular annual street festivals along Edgewater Drive -- each one attended by thousands of people from College Park and across Metro Orlando. These festivals enliven and enhance the entire College Park community, but also act as a unique opportunity for businesses to attract new customers into Edgewater Drive’s shops and restaurants. In addition, sponsorship of these major events also offers an excellent opportunity for organizations to extend their reach and deepen the goodwill that comes from their status as community-focused leaders.

Event Sponsorship

Sponsor Benefits:
Consider the benefits that sponsorship in a College Park Main Street event offers organizations

  1. Connecting with the quality demographic of our event attendees.
  2. Reaching marketing goals by expanding brand awareness.
  3. Promoting a product or service through visibility to a captive audience.
  4. Enhancing the company’s image as a strong community leader and supporter.

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