Design is one of the Four Points of Main Street America with the directive to create an inviting, inclusive atmosphere to foster accessible people-centered public spaces. The College Park Main Street Design Committee has followed that mandate to include public art in unexpected areas.

Utility Box Project

In 2012, College Park Main Street, in collaboration with the City of Orlando, launched the initial program inviting local artists to design and paint transportation engineering utility cabinets around College Park. In 2016, the project was implemented again to renovate the boxes because the artwork had faded under Orlando’s intense heat, humidity, and rain. After looking at many options, the Design Committee chose artist Ethan Long to breathe new life into the unique canvasses.

Meet the Artist

A College Park resident, Ethan is a prolific and talented author / illustrator and a graduate of the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota. “I’m just grateful that the community feels a connection to my work,” said Ethan in a May 2018 article in The Community Paper. “It makes me feel like a useful cog in the College Park engine. The work comes from a place of happiness: the colors, the expressions, and the simplicity. I’m happy that it resonates.” Ethan’s bright and whimsical artwork is a great addition to the College Park streetscape.