The City of Orlando’s Community Planning Studio has teamed with the Edgewater Drive Vision Task Force to shape a vision for the Edgewater Drive corridor in Downtown College Park.

Orlando continues to grow, including the ongoing development of The Packing District and Creative Village, two areas adjacent to College Park. 

Read more about the Edgewater Drive Vision Plan HERE.



What is the Streetscape Project?

A comprehensive streetscape project would not only improve the appearance of Edgewater Drive but also provide an opportunity to redesign and re-engineer the street to naturally slow vehicular traffic. This can be achieved by:

  • Creating a larger biking area within the street
    Widening sidewalks for pedestrians
  • Adding more trees, shrubs, and park benches to enhance the beauty and atmosphere of Edgewater Drive.
  • Prioritizing the safety of Edgewater Drive pedestrians and patrons by adding larger crosswalks and speed bumps to slow traffic. 
Armando's cafe storefront

Protecting the Future of Edgewater Drive

Edgewater Drive is sandwiched between the newly-developed areas of Creative Village and The Packing District. While CPMS agrees that development in those areas is good for Orlando, we recommend a concurrent redesign and re-engineering of Edgewater Drive to prevent even more high-speed, pass-through traffic, adversely affecting both residents and businesses.

Restaurant Storefront Picture