College Park Credits for Main Street Members

1) College Park Main Street (CPMS) sells College Credits gift certificates to the public.

The gift certificates will be sold online to the public through the CPMS website for consumers to redeem at participating CPMS member businesses. The program will be promoted through CPMS social media, e-blasts, partner relations, and editorial media outreach.

UPDATE: DONE!! CPMS has completed the discounted sale of certificates and we have reached our $5,000 cap. College Credits are still for sale at the regular price.

College Park Main Street covered the cost difference between the discounted purchase price and the gift certificate’s face value, which serves both the CPMS member business and local customers.

2) Customers redeem the gift certificates like cash for in-store purchases at participating CPMS member businesses.

Participating CPMS business members will accept the College Credit gift certificates from customers as a form of payment for goods and services, as you would cash or credit cards. The certificates have NO cash value, and no change or partial credit should be given back.

3) To receive the reimbursement, the business must submit the College Credit gift certificates they have received to College Park Main Street.

The business MUST keep all College Credit gift certificates they receive and physically bring them to the College Park Main Street office at 648 Dartmouth Street (at Edgewater). Please contact the CPMS Executive Director to schedule an appointment ( 

If you are a College Park Main Street member and have not yet signed up to participate in the College Credits program, please SIGN UP HERE!